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LLC “Tomsk nanopowders” – research and development from the founders of nanoparticles

Properties of advanced powders

– Spherical shape of particles

– Low sintering temperatures

– High chemical activity

– Stability of electrophysical properties in the low-temperature areas

– Reduced electronic work function

Type of produced advanced powders:

Metals: Al,Ag, Cu, Fe, Ni, W, Mo, Zn,In, Sn, Ti and their compounds.
Alloys:: NiCrNiTi and etc.
Oxides: Аl 2 O 3 , TiO 2 , ZnO
Nitride : АlN, TiN

Areas of use:

Activators of sintering, combustion and welding processes (3D, combustion, military use, synthesis, using in the technological combustion mode of advanced compounds and alloys)

Functional fillers and modifiers of properties of various materials (lubricants, polymers, etc.) Advanced powders for medicine (sorbents, carrying agent, drugs components, contrast agents)

Cluster and magnetic fluids.

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