About company

LLC «Tomsk advanced powders» closely cooperates with the National Research Polytechnic University in the city of Tomsk. At the heart of our relationships there are important principles associated not only with the production of advanced powder, but also the maximum assistance in the study and development of this scientific branch. The source of pride is the co-operative achievements in the field of advanced powder production technology:

  • High energy efficiency (up to 90%)
  • Flexible management of technology parameters and properties of obtained powders
  • Low cost of equipment
  • The possibility of obtaining a wide range of powders with specified properties on existing equipment
  • No harmful emissions into the environment


  • A method for obtaining high-dispersive powders, AC №5587457 from December 24, 1975/li>
  • Installation for the metallic powders production by electric wire explosion, АС № 1205410 from 05.04.84
  • An obtaining method of high-dispersive powders of inorganic substances, patent of the Russian Federation №. 2048277 from 20.11.95
  • Device for getting high-dispersive powders of inorganic materials by electric explosion and a reactor for exploding a metal blank, patent of the Russian Federation №. 2048278 from 20.11.95

Total amount: 24 patents and copyright certificates